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    Exhaust & Makeup Air Fans

    • MODEL #: Direct Drive DR-HFA
      MODEL #: Belt Drive NCA-FA
      MODEL #: Belt Drive NCA-HPFA

      Centrifugal Upblast Fans are designed to discharge air directly upward away from the roof surface. With a variable speed control standard on the...

    • MODEL #: Belt Drive DD-FA
      MODEL #: Belt Drive DD-HPFA
      MODEL #: Direct Drive DR-HFA

      Centrifugal Downblast Fans are designed to pull more air under higher static pressures. The efficient, balanced wheel and air inlet design contr...

    • MODEL #: Belt Drive
      MODEL #: Direct Drive

      The Air Handler Unit is the heart of the modular fan system. It is designed to deliver fresh outside make up air for installations requiring fre...

    • MODEL #: MPU

      The Modular Packaged Unit (MPU) is designed to be a factory-packaged air conditioning and heating unit for 100% Outdoor Air (OA) applications. U...

    • MODEL #: HVLS

      The High Volume Low-Speed fan is designed to create a non-disruptive laminar airflow above floor level to provide effective summer cooling. The ...


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